Dedicated to Peptides

Shengnuo’s dedication to peptides begins at the top of the organization. Our founder, Yongjun Wen, was the Head of Production for China’s first Commercial Production Team, which produced the first peptide drug, Thymopentin (annual sales of over $500 million). In addition to commercial success, Dr. Wen has maintained a strong commitment to academia. This commitment includes collaborations with many prestigious Chinese universities, including: University of Sichuan, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Institute of Organic Chemistry, and the Provincial Institute for Drug Control. Because Shengnuo is an industry leader in peptide manufacturing, we maintain a wide variety of strategic partnerships throughout the global biotech/pharma community.

As a peptide-focused manufacturer, Shengnuo actively participates in several drug development and manufacturing programs in China. These include the “National 11-5” program which is designed to promote research in peptide chemistry and industrial manufacturing. Shengnuo is also an active participant in the Chinese National SME Technology Innovation Fund, which provides funding for companies working to advance cardiovascular drugs.

In addition to research program participation, Shengnuo also maintains a strong internal commitment to developing and improving solid-phase peptide synthesis technology. We currently hold over 50 key technologies for large-scale peptide production, which allows us to provide multi-kilogram batch quantities to our customers. These multi-kg batches are even available for highly difficult sequences, such as: sulfur cycle peptides, complex carbon ring peptides, etc. With more than 20 patents filed in the peptide field, and several inventor patents, Shengnuo has solidified itself as a global innovator for peptide chemistry.